Institutional Investors


Butcher Financial provides research from a select group of independent equity research partners to the institutional investment community. We evaluate independent research providers so that our institutional customers receive only the research that fits their needs. For our independent research partners, we provide a turnkey distribution channel enabling our analyst community to focus their time and resources on their product.

Institutional Investors

Butcher Financial is committed to providing the right independent research offerings for you. We evaluate independent research to ensure you receive only the quality information you want. Our goal is to provide research that is actionable, timely, and presented in a manner that facilitates rapid assimilation. Additional information on our research services can be found here or contact us directly.

Independent Research Partners

Our independent research partners have decades of experience and a strong track record. They conduct no investment banking services. Additional information regarding our service offerings to our independent research partners can be found here. If you are interested in becoming a Butcher Financial research partner or simply want more information, please contact us.

Butcher Financial delivers the research product you want in an actionable and timely manner.  The product is independent, from an experienced source, and delivered in a format that is easy to assimilate.

Independent – Our research partners do not work for Investment Banks.

Experienced – Our research partners have decades of experience.  Their career longevity and their existing long relationships prove them to be trusted sources. For almost every human being, the most difficult resource to obtain is a trusted, long-term relationship.  Butcher Financial evaluates research providers to determine whether their product is a fit with our customers.  Our goal is a long-term relationship.  

Easy to assimilate – We will deliver research and recommendations using the most appropriate communication methods for the client.  It will be tailored to maximize the efficiency of the portfolio manager.  This is not a unique competitive advantage nor technologically unique process.  Most investment banks have access to this combination of technology and processes.  What is unusual is that few banks optimize their communications to fit the needs of the customer.